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Shadow of Rome

The year is 48 B.C. The grandeur of the Roman Empire has been tarnished by political corruption and society has been overrun by unruliness and violence. Julius Caesar advocates for drastic reform to rebuild the republic to its former glory, but is metwith opposition. Before changes could be implemented, the enlightened head of state is murdered. Consequently the horrific news finds its way on the battlefield and to the ears of one soldier, Agrippa, who rushes back to Rome only to be confronted withthe announcement that his father, Uesnius who was a close advisor to Caesar, is the accused murderer. Unfortunately, time is running out for Agrippa as his father is to be publicly executed by the winner of the next gladiatorial event. Together with the help of his best friend, Octavius, and a freed female gladiator named Claudia, Agrippa embarks on a mission to restore his family’s honor and uncover the truth concerning Caesar’s assassination.

Shadow of Rome has been designed to allow players the opportunity to venture throughout the world of ancient Rome by flawlessly switching between Agrippa and Octavius, each of whom have their own area of expertise. Playing Agrippa lends itself more to action while Octavius is towards the more stealth and adventure elements of the game. To remain true to the Roman era, players will have to use objects in the environment and weapons of the day such as stones, slingshots, spears and swords in order to progress through the game. Also, situations will arise whenAgrippa or Octavius will rely on nothing but their hands in order to combat those impeding his quest to absolve Uesnius.

The venerable city will be reconstructed in full 3D with startling realism, compelling players to explore ancient Rome. Diverse environments including a bustling market place, vast forests, sea vessels, citadels and the Coliseum will be the stage for the various battles and interrogations, all the while searching for the truth. In addition, a colorful cast of characters that appear throughout the game, including actual historical figures, deepens the level of realism and make this saga more immersive

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Shadow of Rome

I suppose everyone remembers the history lessons or Latin classes that talked about the Roman Empire. What started out as a poor farmer village on the Tiber river, expanded and turned out into one of the most powerful, most sophisticated civilisations Western Europe has ever seen. Under the reign of Caius Julius Caesar the Empire […]

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