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Left to avenge his Clan after a sinister force is awakened in Tokyo, Hotsuma must confront demons from his past and defend his role as Leader of the Oboro Clan. Drawing off the ancient traditions of Ninja magic, Hotsuma uses wall running, shuriken attacks, and the coveted Akujiki Sword to fight the deadly masked foes that stalk him. With the special Stealth Dash technique, he creates ghost-like apparitions that confuse his enemies. He can then strike with a lightning-quick “Tate” in which his blade moves so fast the victims don’t even realize they’ve been struck until they fall to their death

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Where’s the time little Asqwanka wanted to become a ninja ? A ninja has a super cool look, stays relax in every situation, bursts with cool one-liners, can demonstrate his fighting skills in the most fantastic ways and usually has a beautiful babe by his side. Personally I find it strange that there are so […]

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