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Ship, The

The Ship blends traditional first and third person gameplay with a Sims-style day-to-day needs system including food, sleep and social interaction. An intriguing game featuring exploration, investigation, survival, stealth, and murder, The Ship is set on beautifully crafted, luxury art deco ships with highly polished interactive environments.

The crux of The Ship’s gameplay is “the Hunt,” a nefarious “kill or be killed” game engineered by your “benefactor,” the mysterious Mr. X. Each player is given the name of one of the other contestants on board and must hunt them down and kill them with any weapon they can find. Depending on the game mode, the winner is either the last hunter alive or the one with the most money in his bank account.

In order to be a successful hunter, it will be necessary for players to know their way around all of the liners, each of which has its own secrets. Among such secret features are extra weapons, hidden rooms, passages and tunnels, “extra special” ways of murdering foes, and environmental traps

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The Ship

When thinking about sailors, we all have about the same idea in our mind. Tough, dirty men with lots of hair on their chest, the summum of manhood so to speak. But, are they really as much man as we think? Sailors are often weeks, if not months, at sea, far away from any form […]

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