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For a number of years now, voice recognition-style software has been a singer’s best friend, putting them in tune during post-production and thus helping to convince the music-buying public that the likes of Victoria Beckham can actually sing. Well, the devious minds at Sony London have had other plans and, rather than helping the world’s vocalists, are now using similar technology to judge them. The result is SingStar – a karaoke-style Bemani affair that gives you the opportunity to sing along to a host of popular tunes, whilst at the same time acting as your very own virtual Simon Cowell and assessing your performance

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Karaoke has existed for over 10 years, but even now it still is a great way to spend quality time with your friends and/or family. It’s easy to pick up and you can forget the dullness of life for some time. Your average Joe (whose voice usually can’t be compared to Celine Dion’s -not by […]

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