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SOCOM II: U.S. Navy Seals

In SOCOM II, players don combat threads and tactical prowess as an elite SEAL commander in the solo mode. You bark orders through the accompanying voice-recognizing headset (sold separately), you move in the shadows with pin-drop precision, and you don’t evacuate until every last objective is scratched off the list. Twelve epic, international missions are your theater, spanning the globe from intense urban cities to the thick jungles of South America.

Beyond the single player bouts, wherein you are the guiding force, SOCOM II was designed specifically with the online addict in mind. Supporting up to 16 gamers, there are five mission types to choose from, clan rankings, Medals of Merit, friends’ lists (for easy location of your buddies), and the much-lauded ability to radio in air strikes.

100% unmatched authenticity is the goal of this game. The association with Naval Special Warfare continues to provide the most realistic military strategy gameplay around

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SOCOM II: U.S. Navy Seals

Damn! Here we go again…Terrorist groups such as Al Quaeda, the Hezbollah and other scum are threatening world peace. What can you do? Easy, you insert your SOCOM2 DVD into your PlayStation 2 console and you start shooting! Hoojah! SOCOM2 is a realistic tactical action game. Big deal you say? It seems as if it’s […]

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