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Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix

The sequel to one of 2000’s most innovative first person action games, Soldier of Fortune® 2 delivers the most realistic covert-operative themed game play experience ever with gritty intense action, mind blowing QUAKE III Arena powered graphics and a story rivaling a Hollywood blockbuster. Featuring advanced artificial intelligence and real-world weaponry, enemies and military devices, the game puts players in the role of John Mullins, a military consultant working for the top-secret anti-terrorist group known only as The Shop. As Mullins, players must tackle a wide-range of missions from hostage rescue and intelligence gathering to search-and-destroy. Additionally, in order to complete their objectives, players will make use of a variety of gameplay tactics ranging from full frontal assaults to stealth and subterfuge.

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Soldier of Fortune II Double Helix

Soldier Of Fortune 2, or just SoF2 in short, was a game I loved to check out. This hit was released over a year ago on pc, but due to time constraints (yes, even then I had time constraints already) it didn’t live a long life on my harddisk. My heart therefor bounced up when […]

Soldier of Fortune II Double Helix

Let me start off by saying that I didn’t play the Soldier of Fortune 2 single player campaign before the 1.01 patch. I played the game in its current state, and several issues in the 1.0 SP campaign have been removed already so I might lack some complaints you can find in reviews from a […]

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