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Sonic Colours

Sonic Colors sees Sonic accelerating to adrenaline-pumping super speeds and blasting through obstacles in ways never before seen in a Sonic game. The alien Wisp’s featured in the game each have a unique “Color Power” that, once freed, Sonic is able to absorb while speeding through the various theme park inspired planets. The Wisp energy enables Sonic to create new paths through the stages by drilling through the ground (Yellow Drill) for example, or speeding through the stage as a laser (Cyan Laser). Stringing the Wisp power-ups together creates a combo that increases Sonic’s boost gauge even more quickly and exclusive Wisp power-ups will be available for both Wii and the Nintendo DS versions, ensuring a unique and super speedy gameplay experience for Sonic fans everywhere

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Sonic Colours

About 10 years ago I was playing a game on my niece’s Sega with in the lead a lightning-fast blue hedgehog. I had no idea back then that this blue being was the Sega mascotte that needed to protect the world from vermin like the infamous Doctor Eggman. On that old Sega console Sonic could […]

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