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Sonic Riders

Sonic the Hedgehog and his pals are ready to jump onto their airboards – customised for their own unique talents -and rise to a heavyweight challenge from their archenemy Dr Eggman. The evil doctor has challenged the racers to compete in a tough Worldwide Grand Prix, with the prize an ultra-rare Chaos Emerald. Scorch across a range of wild locations from the Sonic universe, pulling extraordinary tricks and stunts all the way, trying to seize the emerald from the clutches of Dr Eggman and his renowned gang of riders, the Band of Thieves: Babylon

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Sonic Riders

Sega. You know that you’re getting old when people look at you with an awkward look on their face when you talk about this publisher. Sega? Is it something like Nintendo? Yes guys; it is something like Nintendo, and where Nintendo has Mario, Sega has Sonic. This hyperkinetic blue hedgehog was blazing through 2D worlds […]

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