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SpyHunter 2

SpyHunter 2 introduces an all-new terrorist threat and it is up to Alec Sects to command the world’s most sophisticated super spy vehicle to save the world. Exclusive weaponry such as an auto-tracking turret and an indestructible armored shield are combined with landmines and oil slicks for an impressive defense that will immerse gamers in 16 action-packed levels set across four gigantic regions. Each region is interactive and dynamic, allowing players to choose their own paths and fight against giant end-of-mission bosses, including eight all-new Nostra/Phoenix enemies. The excitement also continues with the latest version of the Interceptor’s online computer, Leonie 2.0, designed to aid in mission-critical tactics and information

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SpyHunter 2

I was looking forward to this one because I remember the old arcade game like it was yesterday and a sequel that could bring those days back would be terrific. With wild enthusiasm I inserted the disc to be overwhelmed with a stunning intro that combines the best features from Viper (the tv-series), Mad Max […]

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