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Star Fox 64 3D

The Star Fox team triumphantly returns to one of its greatest missions with the remake of Star Fox 64 in full 3D. The entire Star Fox universe spreads out realistically into the depths of the Nintendo 3DS screen while the 3D visuals give the player a clearer grasp of distance and position. This makes the game more approachable and intuitive, thereby allowing players to focus on the action. Star Fox 64 3D also puts the two screens of the Nintendo 3DS system to use, with the top screen featuring 3D game play and the bottom screen displaying the various characters and their dialogue

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Star Fox 64 3D

Star Fox 64 is old, but those who think back in nostalgia on their Nintendo64 and want to relive that adventure in small and in 3D can now do it on the 3DS with this remake. The content of the game hasn’t changed so also the story is exactly as it was. The planet Corneria […]

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