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Star Trek: Armada 2

Star Trek® Armada II is the sequel to the best-selling Star Trek RTS, Star Trek Armada. An innovative game, Star Trek Armada II adds a new level of strategy and realism to the original by allowing players to command from a 3D tactical view. Set in The Next Generation universe, the game’s story unfolds through three single-player campaigns played as the Federation, Klingons and Borg. Additionally, the Cardassians, Romulans and Species 8472 will join the fray throughout the single-player campaigns

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Star Trek: Armada 2

I love Star Trek. I love RTS. So this can’t go wrong can it? “Voyager” and “Enterprise” are my two favourite spin-offs from the original but there is only one true captain: Jean-Luc Picard. He has charisma, the appearance of an old wise man and a great voice to listen to. Janeway was irritating when […]

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