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Star Trek: Armada

The Borg have returned! A starship from the future has materialized to warn of the latest Borg threat. You are in charge of the fleets of the Federation, Klingon, Romulan and Borg ships that will wage this epic battle. Build starships, construct space stations, and research special weapons to lead your side to victory. Along the journey, you will survive a Klingon civil war, Romulan subterfuge and the Borg’s search for perfection. The future is in your command

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Star Trek: Armada

INTRODUCTION Do you run to the attic in search of your big old fake spock ears everytime Star Trek is on? And whenever there’s not one episode re-run to find on your TV, you turn on the Pc in order to play some real time strategy like starcraft? Well then for all those people, here’s […]

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