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Star Wars 1313

LucasArts is no more

It sounds as if George Lucas selling his stuff to Disney isn’t all about fun and games. Kotaku is reporting that Disney has decided to shut down LucasArts and laid off all staff at the company. Disney apparently claims that they can just as easily license their property to other developers or publishers instead of […]

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Star Wars 1313 descends into the Underworld

LucasArts has released a short documentary on Star Wars 1313, called “Descent to the Underworld”, in which we get a few new tidbits of information on the game as well as some artwork and CGI showing off the criminal world of Level 1313 below the surface of Coruscant which you’ll be roaming as a bounty […]

Gamescom Trailer: Star Wars 1313

Things are pretty quiet surrounding LucasArts’ upcoming Star Wars 1313, but the publisher did want to show off the game at Gamescom so a new trailer has surfaced and you can check it out below. Still little information available, but at least we get a better picture of how things will look:

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