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Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

You are Jango Fett, the galaxy’s most dangerous bounty hunter, hired to hunt down the elusive leader of a mysterious cult – dead or alive. Through 18 action-packed levels across six diverse worlds, face off against galactic scum, fearsome beasts, and brutal competition that stand between you and your prey: a deranged dark Jedi. This hunt will lead you to the darkest corners of the Star Wars universe where no one else has dared to go, but you are the fearless, ruthless, and relentless Jango Fett. For the galaxy’s most wanted, there is no place to hide…

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Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

In short: Bounty Hunter is a great concept with stinking implementation. This could/should be better. Shame on you Lucasarts, shame on you!

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

Overall, Bounty Hunter is a pretty straight-forward game which consists of little more than blasting and running in an environment which doesn’t really inspire you to do great things. A missed chance to make Bounty Hunter the best Star Wars game ever.

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