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Sub Rebellion

In the game, Sub Rebellion, players are taken back to 2139, a time when the earth’s tectonic plates began to shift, producing massive seismic activity throughout the world. As most of the worlds land began to sink into the sea, civilizations changed forever. Survivors of this era had to adapt to the new conditions of life under and above the sea.. By 2145 two factions arose, the Melgis Empire and the Alliance Army. The Alliance, in a desperate attempt to turn the tides on the war, deployed the experimental Clonus attack submarine.

As players take on the role of the Clonus sub, they are faced with numerous levels of undersea and sea-to-surface missions, using its phenomenal sonar to reveal on-coming enemy subs and hunt don buried or hidden treasures. This action-packed strategy shooter heats up as the Clonus sub faces battle with torpedoes, depth charges and surface-launched homing missiles. Players can upgrade their Clonus sub by finding bonus items along the way or by purchasing new engines or shields. Among the many great new features in the game is a fantastic display of water physics, lighting effect and 3-dimentional animations

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