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Sum of all Fears, The

The Sum Of All Fears games will be based on events from both Tom Clancy’s novel and Paramount Pictures’ movie, immersing players in the middle of a high-stakes adventure as members of an FBI elite hostage rescue team reassigned to track down the conspirators of a major plot against the United States. Players can choose to play as part of a three-player team or up to 36 players can join the multiplayer action on the gaming portal as well as the internet. The game takes place in a number of modern day locations, including West Virginia, the Middle East, and South Africa, and allows players to follow the story of The Sum Of All Fears via rendered cinematics depicting vital plot points from the novel and movie.

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The Sum Of All Fears

The Sum of All Fears is a first person shooter based on the book by renowned writer Tom Clancy and on the movie of the same title staring Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman. The game tries to cash in on the succes of its predecessors in the Rainbow Six series. After an initial training stage, […]

The Sum Of All Fears

We all know that most games that are based on movies tend to suck. Red Storm Entertainment are the latest development studio to give it a try and with their experience as Tom Clancy specialist, making a game based on a Tom Clancy movie shouldn’t be all too hard, should it ? Apparantly it should. […]

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