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Team Factor

Team Factor from Singularity Software is the Special Operations, military action game that’s set to take the PC world by storm. The battle is on for your team to complete a series of dangerous undercover missions using a winning combination of strategy, strength and stealth.

With both freestanding and online gaming options, PC gamers can interact in military teams of up to 30 players over the Internet (10 players per team) and up to 60 players over LAN (20 players per team). Teamwork may help you complete the mission – it could certainly save your life

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Team Factor

Team Factor has some nice features and I respect the developers for incorporating some RPG element in the game. They have succeeded in making the game pretty realistic (if server is set in that mode), but I’m afraid there is still work to be done. Graphics and the shaky figures should be worked on. I wish them luck on their future projects!

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