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Test Drive Unlimited

The ultimate automotive and lifestyle gaming experience, Test Drive Unlimited lets gamers race over more than 1000 miles of diverse, photo-realistic Hawaiian terrain with 90 licensed cars and bikes from the world’s most exclusive manufacturers. With a challenging single player game and host of online options enabling gamers to interact with thousands of others simultaneously, Test Drive Unlimited is racing reinvented.

The PC game has been painstakingly adapted and configured to get the very best out of the latest cutting edge PC hardware, allowing it to be played in extremely high resolution with the incredible effects taking the visuals of Test Drive Unlimited to a stunning new level. No monthly subscription is required to play. An already highly successful closed beta test will be followed by an open beta in January 2007 with the aim of ensuring that the PC game is perfect in technical and gameplay terms

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Test Drive Unlimited

Test Drive Unlimited is a racer that has always looked promising to me. After a previous preview I was pretty confident about what the total game would be like. Let’s see if it held up to the promise. Let’s start with one of the game’s strongpoints, the graphics. Only words of praise fit here. It’s […]

Test Drive Unlimited

Massively Open Online Racing, or in short M.O.O.R., is how Eden Games and Atari describe their latest racing game Test Drive Unlimited. Ambitious in setup and a concept with some innovations is what we will at least agree on. Whether these goals actually were achieved, and more important whether they result in a fun gameplay […]

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