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TransWorld Snowboarding

Welcome to the TransWorld lifestyle. TransWorld Media is a major cultural force in the action sports industry with 15 consumer and trade magazines, six web sites and TransWorld alternative sports events. Infogrames’ line of TransWorld games, TransWorld Snowboarding and TransWorld Surf, offer the most compelling gameplay, the best technology, real pros, real tricks, realistic world locations and the best real equipment and gear.

Experience life on the powder in the world of TransWorld Snowboarding. Developed by Housemarque, TransWorld Snowboarding offers go-anywhere, real-world based snowboard levels, intense boarder animations and dynamic crash physics. Treacherous terrain and steep cliffs, modeled after actual slopes from around the world, add to the danger in TransWorld Snowboarding. With rails and downed trees to jib and grind, natural snow kickers and ramps to launch off and multiple half-pipes and quarter-pipes to perform tons of tricks on, TransWorld Snowboarding is action sports gameplay at its pinnacle

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