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Under the Skin

When residents of Planet Trick turn three they must head towards a different galactic star for ‘trick training.’ These underlings are not allowed to return home until they have reached mischief maturity and have achieved victory over their cunning rivals who happen to occupy the same planet they have chosen to inhabit. In Under the Skin, players take on the role of Cosmi who is an impish alien embarking on the road to adulthood. If growing up wasn’t hard enough, Cosmi has taken upon himself to choose the farthest and most dangerous planet to wreak havoc onto its barbaric creatures, Earth. Can our resident alien pass through his training on Earth unscathed and return home to a hero’s welcome?

In Under the Skin, players must cause as much chaos and panic as possible by taking on the identity of the various people he or she encounters throughout CoCo Town and other diverse environments. Equipped with a special ray gun, gamers can scan and absorb the DNA of anyone they target. With this genetic information, Cosmi can take the form and attributes of anyone he’s zapped. For example while in human form he can sing a song only dogs could appreciate, causing those nearby to drop coins that must be collected. Catch them all as these coins are what Cosmi and his enemies are being judged on in order to return home. But beware; causing such disruption puts Cosmi in danger of being caught and having his true alien identity revealed

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Under the Skin

I am not in the mood for a fancy introduction and neither do I have the time because after the extremely calm period in which almost nothing was released, games are now rolling in by the dozen. You could compare it with all these nature documentaries that describe one year in a climate that goes […]

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