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Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

Untold Legends Dark Kingdom will set the standard for next-gen action-RPG’s by delivering an immersive fantasy experience through its high-definition graphics, dramatic storyline, and action-packed battles filled with heart-pounding combat, magical spells and brilliant visual effects.

In addition, Dark Kingdom will deliver in-depth character progression, online multiplayer gameplay and online game services through PlayStation 3 online network. Choose one of three unique characters to guide on a perilous journey of impossible odds, as you immerse yourself in a fantastic world of beauty and terror, where only you can end the long standing oppression of a tyrannical king. Collect and equip powerful weapons, unique armor, and special items as you slay the hordes of monsters which inhabit the magical worlds from which they come

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Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

What is there to say about action-RPGs? Nothing, right? We get a lot of them on our plate and except for a few exceptions (Dungeon Siege, Titan Quet) they never manage to get even close to the undefeated king of the genre: Diablo 2. Sony Online Entertainment tries for the third time (previous two were […]

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