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Urban Reign

From the makers of SOULCALIBUR® and Tekken® comes the next level in fighting action — Urban Reign. Gang life and street justice rule the inner city turning neighborhoods into war zones. One of the City’s many gangs has hired you to protect their leader, plunging you into a war that involves corruption spanning from the streets all the way to the upper levels of city government. These fights aren’t timed. There are no referees. Use what you can, there’s no such thing as a clean fight.

Blaze through the streets and completing through 100 missions to protect your turf. Team up with an AI controlled character to pull off a host of destructive double team moves against multiple enemies. Play as one of over 60 characters in the multiplayer mode. Urban Reign brings the fight back to the streets, are you down to control your hood?

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Urban Reign

I’ve been waiting for years now for the reincarnation of very old but great games like Final Fight or Streets of Rage. In those old-fashioned games, you were supposed to run from left to right, while kicking some enemies out of the screen. Nothing special, you would think, yet the feeling of power was immense. […]

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