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Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble

production on the newest Captain Blue movie is just about to begin. Unfortunately he can’t seem to decide on the lead character. Now it’s up to gamers to be the star of the show and ‘audition’ to see who will take the leading role in this big action extravaganza. An all-star cast of new and familiar playable characters will be available in this intense versus-fighting game including Captain Blue Junior, Sprocket and other original characters from the popular Japanese TV animated cartoon series. With completely new movie set designs and two player cooperative gameplay, there is an exuberant amount of action that extends beyond the silver screen

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Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble

Approximately two years ago, Capcom released their first Viewtiful Joe game. Meanwhile, Joe is so popular, that they have released two versions for the Gamecube and PS/2, one for the DS and a spin-off from the original concept: Red Hot Rumble. As with a lot of games, when you start, you get a story to […]

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