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War of the Monsters

Devastation was everywhere, entire cityscapes lay wasted, cars crushed into scrap, ocean liners pitched through the air like toys. The pulse weapon, once thought to be earth’s greatest triumph, was now its greatest tragedy. The battle with the UFO’s had gone on for months. No one knew where they came from, but the aliens’ mission had been clear, Earth must be conquered! In humanity’s darkest hour, the world’s greatest minds inspired the masses with hope. With the Earth’s nations acting as one, they launched an inescapable energy wave that crippled the flying saucers where they hovered. Everyone felt victory was near.

But even as the cheering millions crowded the streets, the triumph turned to catastrophe. The glowing fuel from the wrecked alien spacecraft spilled into streams, gutters and oceans contaminating the air with toxic vapours. The toxins scoured the Earth like a plague and triggered small almost unseen mutations. Unfortunately, the Earth would soon take notice.

Before the week was out, they appeared – gigantic mutant monsters. Towering animals lumbered down the city streets, crushing everything in their path. The Earth’s very own defences – immense robots – took on lives of their own and became as great a threat as the invaders they were created to battle. The elements, tainted by the alien toxin, merged with micro-organisms, rose from the earth and roamed the land like the prehistoric titans of old.

Once in a constant battle with Earth’s forces, they have now turned against themselves. These behemoths are now locked in an eternal struggle. The War of the Monsters has begun…

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War of the Monsters

War of the Monsters is a pretty decent action title, offering very interactive 3D arenas, which suit perfectly for some quick brainless fun. Unfortunately the single player mode is rather short, but as it is, you will certainly play it through a couple of times with different characters, in order to gain as much points as needed to unlock some cool stuff

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