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War World: Tactical Combat

War World is a planet dedicated to conflict and battle. A world where powerful armored mechanised warriors compete in savage battles in breathtaking outdoor arenas. War World features 50 different weapons systems from long-range missiles and mortars, through to the brutal, close-action mini gun, pinpoint accurate laser cannons and many, many more. Combined with an unreal range of electronic weapons systems, countermeasures, surveillance technologies and a range of different mechanoid chassis to customize, War World offers a totally new experience for fast paced shooter fans and gamers worldwide

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War World: Tactical Combat

Robots, mechs, heavy gears, … everyone just wants to play a big bad robot. It just looks so tough. Therefore it’s nice to see Third Wave and Lighthouse Interactive presenting a new game which might appeal to that killer-robot which hides in everyone of us. The title, War World: Tactical Combat, unfortunately doesn’t sound too […]

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