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Wario World

Deep within Wario’s castle lies a treasure room filled with the spoils he has plundered during his many adventures. A mysterious black jewel, ensconced among the treasures, has a strange power to transform gems into monsters. While Wario rests in his castle upstairs the jewel begins to morph his treasure trove into a host of monsters, turning the basement of Wario’s beloved castle into a bizarre parallel universe. Awakening the next morning to monsters instead of treasure, Wario must step into that alternate world to win the treasure back

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Wario World

What do you mean, you don’t know Wario? He started out in the shadow of Bowser as an evil nemesis of the world-renowned Mario. Since a couple of years, he has also been starring in games for the Nintendo GameBoy. Treasure, one of the best Japanese developers around, brings you the first GameCube appearance of […]

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