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Whiplash provides a groundbreaking approach to the character-based action genre, combining a unique ‘chain’ gameplay mechanic with in-depth enemy and environment interaction, rich combat and slapstick humour. As Spanx, you will use Redmond (much to his dismay), as your tool and weapon to not only escape, but also to free other enslaved animals and bankrupt the corporation by destroying their property. You can utilise Redmond in many humorous ways such as ‘Hare Clog’ – clog a toilet with Redmond creating a foul flood to ward off enemies, ‘Flaming Fur Ball’ – ignite Redmond to scorch attackers and ‘Toxic Bunny’ – marinate Redmond in toxic waste to poison your foes. Animal anarchy ensues and your fellow buddies are counting on you to save the day!

Whiplash is set in a high-tech product testing facility of a greedy mega-corporation where questionable experiments are conducted on animals. This chaotic adventure stars two animal fugitives, Spanx and Redmond, but with two very different personalities. As a result of extensive electric-shock testing, Spanx is a loose cannon with a crazy streak. Redmond is a smart-aleck rabbit who has been the subject of some embarrassing cosmetics testing. Both characters are trying to escape the lab. There’s one problem however – they’re chained together!

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If there was fewer competition, this one would be more than welcome and I do think you should finish it, but you could rent it for a weekend as it is not necessary to keep it in your collection.

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