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Wipeout Fusion

Tracks are dotted about the globe in seven huge racing venues, each with its own interactive features, three courses of increasing difficulty and differing terrain provide racing variety. There are jump ramps; special trigger pads that raise and lower bridges and open and close routes; crossroads that have a tendency to encourage pile ups; new air jumps that throw the ships vertically into the air and even an astonishing gravity pad that instantly flips your ship 180 degrees to race on a piece of track directly overhead. Some even have free-running areas that don’t limit the pilots to following the track, along with shortcuts for experienced players to take advantage of.

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Wipeout Fusion

The future is a heck of a place to race, and Wipeout Fusion certainly gives you an impression on how fast things can go. Wipeout Fusion is the 5th game in the series if you count Wipeout Special Edition for PSOne and the first of the games for PS2. The developers have done their best […]

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