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Worms 4: Mayhem

With players controlling the worms in single player or 4-player team games, everyone’s armed with a massive variety of wild weapons, as ingenious as they are incendiary. And for the first time in any Worms game, you can let your imagination run riot and create your own weapons! Using a genius device, called Weapons Factory, you’ll be able to create your own weapon and enjoy the freedom to annihilate your opponents in your own unique way. You want to make Exploding Chickens or Toilet Bombs? You got it

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Worms 4: Mayhem

A day in the life of a worm: the early daysA little worm is bleeding on to a razor sharp hook of an amateur fisher. The kind of fisher that only goes fishing to avoid the nagging of his godforsaken ugly wife. Once the little worm is used to the unworthy pains, he sees a […]

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