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In a society where respect and honour holds great importance, there is an even higher regard for these traits within the one organisation that is most feared by all: the Yakuza. Kiryu Kazuma – a former rising star in the Yakuza who is rebuilding his life after serving a 10-year prison term for murder – suddenly finds himself caught in a spiraling underworld plot involving a mysterious girl known as Haruka and 10 Billion missing Yen. Kazuma must use his fists and his wits to stay alive as he unravels the complex web of truth and lies that surrounds the notorious Yakuza

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In how many movies have we seen the Yakuza, the feared Japanese mob, play an important role? Many, that’s for sure and of course they’re an interesting subject for exciting and complicated storylines on the big white screen. After a long time at the movies, they finally have their own videogame as well. Fight, fight, […]

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