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Gangs of New York (SE)

The movie starts off in 1846 in the Five Point district which is the hardest part of New York to live in at that time because of the violence between the “native” Anglo-Saxens and the Irish immigrants, and ends in 1863 with the riots following the drafts note. Through this time we follow Amsterdam Vallon (DiCaprio) who returns back to this district where his father was murdered to seek revenge on the man who did this gruesome deed.

Sound and Vision:
Sadly we have to say that this visually impressive movie doesn’t have a superb image quality. Some telecine wobble (unstable image), aliasing throughout the movie, compression errors, posterisation and even ghosting are all present. This should have been a lot better!

The soundtrack is much better. We get good use of all surround channels, even in split-surround, and the subwoofer will make your house tremble. Definitely a good one to show off your home theater system.

We start off the extras with an audio commentary track by Martin Scorsese after which we get to check out a short feature on the set designs which are really impressive. The next feature is one where you can check out the old New York including a panoramic view of certain parts. Costume Designer Sady Powell shows us how the choices were made for the costumes in the movie and after that you can check out the history of the Five Points District in another documentary. The Discovery Channel has made a special on the movie and of course it’s present on the DVD aswell and to finalise we get a music video clip from U2, a short promotional Making Of and a couple of trailers. More than enough to keep you busy for a while.

Gangs of New York is a very impressive movie made by Martin Scorsese who we need not to introduce. Scorsese has been thinking about this film for over 30 years and it shows. The DVD is definitely worth its money although the image quality definitely should have been better.

Our Score:

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