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Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties

John Arbuckle travels to the United Kingdom to follow the love of his life Liz Wilson who he wants to propose to. Of course, Garfield can’t let him leave just like that and decides to come along. Once there, Garfield mistakenly gets switched with Prince XII of Carlyle who looks exactly like him and is the rich heir of Carlyle Castle. At first, Garfield finds this to be the time of his life with tons of servants fulfilling all his wishes, but then he finds out that Lord Dargis wants to kill Prince XII to get the castle for himself and since he’s mistakenly seen as Prince XII, it’s his life that’s on the line…

Sound and Vision:
The image and sound quality of this DVD are pretty decent. We didn’t spot any compression errors or problems that can spoil the fun when watching.

The sound comes in Dolby Digital 5.1 and uses the surround speakers for atmosphere with for the rest more focus on the front speakers that give a nice stereo spreading while the dialogues are always clear and understandable coming from the center speaker.

– 9 Lives of Garfield: feature on the creation of the animated Garfield. We get an audio track combined with drawn images that show the nine steps necessary to do this.
– Drawing with Jim Davies: three features where Jim shows how to draw Garfield, Odie and Pooky
– Pen & Ink: Creating a Garfield Comic Strip: feature where Jim Davies shows how the exclusive comic for the DVD was created
– Working with Hot Dogs & Cool Cats: feature on the animal coordination
– On the tow with Garfield: a sightseeing tour of London based on footage from the movie
– Exclusive Garfield Comic
– “Came and Get It” music video clip
– Garfield Maze Game
– Odies Photo Album Game

Garfield 2 is again a pretty decent movie for kids but fans of Garfield will probably again be a bit disappointed to see that some comic basics are being thrown overboard (Jim to get married!). My main personal disappointment was that all the comedy comes from the other animals instead of from Garfield or the human cast. Whenever there’s something really funny, you can bet it’s got something to do with the animals. Fox delivers very good image & sound quality and also adds a ton of interesting extras in the package.

Our Score:

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