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Garfield The Movie

Garfield (Murray) is the king of the neighbourhood. He’s got everything he wants at his house where he does whatever he wants despite his boss Jon Arbuckle trying to teach him some manners. He doesn’t really do much except for eat, sleep and watch television and he pretty much likes the daily routine that has become his life. When Jon goes to the vet with Garfield, he gets pursuaded by Liz (Hewitt) to take in another pet, a dog called Odie. Since he’s been in love with Liz, he doesn’t dare to say no and hopes this dog will increase his chances with Liz. Odie isn’t all too bright and Garfield is all but friendly with the dog that he sees as a threat to his position in the house. One night he manages to get Odie out of the house but the next morning the dog has vanished.

After some pressure from his neighbourhood friends, Garfield feels a bit guilty and decides he needs to find Odie and bring him back home. He heads out into the big world and finds out that Odie has been kidnapped by TV-celebrity Happy Chapman who wants to use Odie as his sidekick in a new show. Only one cat can save Odie now…

Sound and Vision:
Garfield’s image quality is very decent but there are some cgi compression artefacts which is quite unfortunate but luckily they aren’t disturbing enough to ruin your viewing pleasure. The colors are bright, the contrast is very good and we didn’t spot any edge enhancement.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 track has clear dialogues coming out of the front speaker but for such a recent movie there are hardly any special effects so the surround speakers and subwoofer get a bit too little action if you ask me. Still, technically there’s nothing wrong with the sound.

We got the rental version so couldn’t check out the multitude of extras that are added to the retail sales version. Anyway, here’s a lineup of what you can expect :
– Trailers
– Audio Commentary track by Peter Hewitt and producer John Davis
– Deleted Scenes
– Games
– Creating Garfield
– Evolution of Garfield
– Scrat: Gone Gold animation movie
– Behind the Scenes (Dutch & Flemish version)
– Flemish Trailer
– Music Video of Xink

My wife has the complete collection of Garfield comics so I don’t really need to tell you how much she likes the comics as I’m sure you’ll get the idea. That also should give you an idea on how hard we’ve been waiting for this movie but the result isn’t what we had expected. Garfield’s comedy isn’t really easy to transfer to anything but the comic books and it shows in the movie.

First of all, the beginning of the movie shows a decent Garfield as we all know him but as soon as Odie comes into the picture, things change. Garfield is waaaaay more active than he’s ever been as a drawn character and Jon, the eternal looser, suddenly manages to get the girl. Where the hell did that come from ? Hollywood I suppose ? Needless to say that the movie and the comic books have quite a different approach… Garfield himself has been completely built up with CGI and he’s in fact been done quite good. The question remains why none of the other animal characters are CGI. The dog used for Odie doesn’t even remotely look like the one from the comics and using a real dog takes away a lot of the comedy you could get with a CGI-generated one.

Overall, I could sum everything up as follows: If you look at Garfield, The Movie as a transfer from the comic books to the big screen, you’ll be disappointed. If you look at Garfield as an independent movie that has nothing to do with the original comics, it’s a rather nice comedy with a couple of good jokes

Our Score:

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