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Gathering, The

On her way to Glastonbury, Carrie (Ricci) gets ran over by a car. Marion Kirkman, the driver, takes her to the hospital and soon it becomes clear that Carrie doesn’t have any physical damage from the accident but she did loose her memory and doesn’t remember anything from before the accident. A bit shocked by what happened, Marion wants to make up to Carrie and asks her to work as au pair for a while. Since Carrie doesn’t have anything else to do, she accepts the offer and starts looking after the Kirkman’s children, Michael and Emma. Little later, Carrie starts seeing strange and bloody visions of people she meets in town. Also, she sees a lot of people that seem to just wander around and watch her. She decides to look into the matter and finds out that the people that are wandering around in town have remarkable similarities with people that have been seen at several disaster sites throughout the world and even in different times. It looks like these strange people have been present at every major disaster since the death of Christ so does that a mean something bad is going to happen in the small town of Glastonburry ?

Sound and Vision:
The movie has a lot of filters and this gives its benefit in the dark scenes where it increases the atmosphere. However, in the daylight scenes, the colors are a bit too pale and also the sharpness sometimes suffers. Compression errors are absent.

The soundtrack is good with clear dialogues and good use of the surround channels to create additional atmosphere.

Interviews with cast & crew: The main cast, director and scenario writer have been interviewed and we get to see their answers to the questions. To be honest, I found it quite boring as it doesn’t view as a whole and the short cuts are rather irritating. When it comes to information, we learn how the actors wanted to portray their character and why they liked to make this movie while the director and scenario writer talk about how the movie was made and how they casted the actors. All in all it’s pretty decent but the form in which it’s brought to us could have been a lot better.

The Gathering goes between horror and thriller and since there gore level is set to a minimum, I classify it rather as thriller. Personally, I found it entertaining but nothing that will remain in my head for a long time. Christina Ricci is nice in the leading role but the pace of the movie is a bit too slow and the fact that certain storylines seem to be brought along to fill up time (the whole Church-part doesn’t really get delved in deep enough) and don’t give much additional information make this movie fail to rise above average. The extras have a similar problem: as such, they contain quite some decent information, but the form in which they are presented makes it boring to watch.

If you’re looking for a thriller to watch on a rainy Saturday and there’s no blockbuster available, this may keep you occupied for a little while but I would certainly not buy it, I would suggest to definitely rent it before even considering purchase.

Our Score:

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