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Genre: “Hockey”

NHL Rivals 2004

Hockey fans will be able to settle old grudge matches and create new rivalries online using Xbox Live. Gamers will be able to track individual and team stats, leader boards and win/loss records as well as support cooperative, team, ranked and non-ranked play. With Xbox Live, gamers will be able to download quarterly roster updates, […]


NHL Hitz Pro

The head-to-head online play in NHL Hitz Pro features online player rankings and tournaments. NHL Hitz Pro also includes 100 percent NHL legitimate, 23-man player rosters that bring together pro players and authentic team lines with real offensive and defensive team formations in precise correlation with each NHL team. NHL® Hitz Pro includes an improved […]


ESPN NHL Hockey 2K4

“NHL 2K4” is more than just the game of hockey. It is true grit, true skills, true intensity and your ability to bring those elements to each and every match-up you face. It is taking on anyone, anytime, anywhere. It is feeling the impact of a precision hit and splitting the D with a skilled […]


NHL 2004

The number one selling NHL® interactive video game franchise continues a tradition of excellence in its 12th year with NHL 2004. This year’s game includes a new fight system, new hitting animations, and complete right analog stick control with improved deking and hitting that makes it the most physical hockey game ever. With a significantly […]


NHL Hitz 20-02

Developed by the accomplished hockey development team Black Box Games, Ltd., NHL® Hitz 20-02 is the only videogame with larger-than-life, adrenaline hockey, big hits, rocket goals and exciting gameplay. Officially licensed by the NHL® and the NHLPA with real NHL® teams and athletes, NHL® Hitz 20-02 features 3-on-3 (plus goalies), lightning-fast gameplay, play-by-play commentary and […]


NHL Hitz 20-03

All-new game modes add challenge and depth to the gameplay experience. For those new to the ice, NHL Hitz 20-03’s Hockey School offers a tutorial, while veteran fans will appreciate even more mini-games and an in-depth New Season mode that enables detailed statistics tracking, player trades using trade logic, a playoff tree, and official NHL […]


NHL 2003

The number one selling NHL® interactive video game franchise continues a tradition of excellence in its 10th year with NHL 2003. The most user-friendly, accessible, entertaining, authentic hockey experience to date, NHL 2003 delivers excitement and addictive speed from the moment the puck drops. New users can select ‘Beginner’ skill level including audio tutorial cues […]


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