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George of the Jungle 2

6 years ago the original George of the Jungle was released with Brendan Fraser in the leading role. Now, Disney has unleashed George of the Jungle 2 onto our screens with a rather unknown actor instead of Fraser and an even worse story than before.

Beatrice, Ursula’s mother in law, doesn’t like her daughter to be hanging around with George and the same thoughts cross the mind of her son Lyle. The fact that George – who’s become a father – needs to move to Las Vegas where Beatrice has a casino therefor isn’t a good move. Beatrice and Lyle will do all they can to make George look ridiculous. Meanwhile, Tookie the ape gets hooked on the Vegas atmosphere.

Sound and Vision:
Buena Vista delivers good quality when it comes to image and this dvd isn’t an exception. Colors are nice and bright, shadow detail and level of black are good and compression errors or grain are abscent.

Same goes for the sound which is nicely spread over all channels including subwoofer without having a negative effect on dialogues which are clear and nicely positioned at the center speaker.

We start off with a behind-the-scenes featurette which focuses on how the animals were put in the movie after which we can check out some deleted scenes. Last you get a couple of bloopers (if you thought the movie was one, check this out) and a little game

Sometimes you have no idea why a movie was never shown in theatres and was sent directly to the video circuit. Not with George of the Jungle 2 however as this sequel is worse than the original in all aspects. Still, kids will probably love it so parents might want to get it to keep their children quiet for a while

Our Score:

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