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Get Carter

Carter (Stallone) is a bad-ass mafia goon who’s brother suddenly dies. He goes back to his hometown to attend the funeral and check out what happened. Of course, the death of his brother wasn’t just an accident and Stallone starts kicking ass to find his brother’s murderer. What starts out as a family drama (Carter doesn’t have much of a life and apparantly broke all ties with his family when he left for Las Vegas to work for some mafia guy) takes a 180° turn and ends up in a finale where Stallone changes from a sad goon to a sadist looking for revenge.

Get Carter is a remake of the English classic where Michael Caine played Carter and although the original movie cannot be outclassed by this American reworked version, the cold acting and fotography do work. Stallone is very good as the goon who hit rock bottom, Mickey Rourke gets to play another bad guy (which is the best he can) and Michael Caine gets to play the evil genius who’s behind everything (while in the original movie he played Carter).

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is as good as it should be wich is sharp and very well detailed. Nowhere we get to see any glitches and that’s how it should be.
Since there’s no real action with explosions or so which can show the quality of the sound, you can hear that the surround channels are well used although not overly. Everything sounds very natural.

Sad but true: except for a movie trailer you won’t find anything extra on the disk. Why no interview with the man who played in both the original and the remake, Michael Caine ?

Get Carter contains one of the best acting we’ve seen from Stallone as yet, but still you might want to rent it first before decided to buy as it’s probably not everybody’s cup of tea

Our Score:

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