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Ghost Rider – Extended 2-disc Edition

To save his father from cancer, stunt biker Johnny Blaze makes a deal with the devil and sells his soul. Unfortunately, daddy doesn’t live long enough to profit from this as the next day he dies while doing a stunt. Johnny is completely torn up about this and drives away from his life and even leaves the love of his life, Roxanne.

Years later, Johnny is all grown up and has a fantastic career as stunt biker when the devil shows up again to claim his contract. Johnny has to turn into the Ghost Rider, a demonic creature that works for the devil, to stop the devil’s son, Blackheart, from obtaining an ancient contract that holds no less than 1000 souls. If he succeeds, Johnny will be allowed to live his life as a normal human being again.

Sound and Vision:
The image is pretty decent when it comes to technical quality, but unlike with Spider-Man, the CGI is waaaay too obvious, making it look like you’re watching a cartoon at times. I’m not saying Spider-Man is perfect, but Ghost Rider is complete crap in the CGI-department and doesn’t look convincing at all.

The sound is nice but nothing special.

– 2 Audio commentary tracks
– Features: Spirits of Vengeance, Spirit of Excusion, Sin and Salvation: Comic Book Origins of Ghost Rider – 1970s & 1980s, 1990s & 2000s
– Ghost Rider Animatics

Ghost Rider is based on the known Marvel Comics character and the latest to be turned into a movie. As a character, Ghost Rider is interesting as the duality between good & evil in it can make for a great story, but unfortunately, the makers decided otherwise. The story is pretty simplistic, the special effects horrible (the CGI is plain bad), and who the hell came up with casting Nicolas “I feel a depression coming up” Cage in the lead role? Cage constantly uses the same tricks over and over in all his movies lately and this really doesn’t do the character any justice.

Also the scene where Sam Elliot turns into another Ghost Rider to help Cage but in the end only seems to have spent his last “turn” to show Cage the way is pretty stupid if you ask me. Why not help the guy? It’s not like there’s some energy bar that’s getting drained, is there?

All in all, Ghost Rider may be good fun for kids, but anyone that wants something more should stay away from this.

Our Score:

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