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Ghost Ship

Murphy (Byrne) and his crew earn their money by salvaging ships. When they return from their latest mission, they get contacted by a man called Jack Ferryman who asks them to salvage a ship hes seen in the Baring Sea. After little discussion, they take off and some time later they arrive at the ship which appear to be the Antonia Graza, an luxury ocean liner which disappeared in the early sixties. During exploration of the ship, Murphy and his crew don’t find any survivors but what they do find are crates filled with gold. It’s looking like they’ve hit the jackpot, but when they want to bring the gold to their own boat and take off, an explosion occurs. They’re now trapped on the Antonia Graza and when Epps sees a little girl, things turn for the worse. When the crew gets killed one by one it’s clear that there’s more to the Antonia Graza than meets the eye.

Sound and Vision:
The image is really great. No compression errors or edge enhancement. No problems what so ever and crystal clear image. Really good !

Of the soundtrack can be said the same: nice positioning and use of all channels although a bit more punch wouldn’t have hurt.

A documentary including interviews with cast and crew combined with movie footage is followed by a feature where we dig deeper into the special effects. The secrets of the antonia graza gives us some kind of game where you get some “hidden features”, mainly some background info on the storyline. Next up are a closer look at the gore and how the effects for that were made and another feature where we get more info on how the ship was created. Last up are a video clip and the obligatory trailer.

What do you want from a DVD? Great image and sound quality combined with nice extras that give you some more info on the whole production. If that is the answer you would give to my question, this DVD is definitely something for you. IF you like horror flics of course 🙂

Our Score:

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