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Gilmore Girls Season 2, The

The 1st season ends with a marriage proposal from Max to Lorelai. This season she accepts and is now officially engaged. Everything is fine and goes to plan in Stars Hollow? You should think, but then Lorelai realises that Max is not the right man. Grandpa retires from his job as an insurance manager. Lane is sent off to Korea. Luke’s nephew Jess is coming to live in Stars Hollow. Rory gets an accident with the car she got from Dean. A murder is committed in front of the convenient store? Then there are the termites attacking the ladies house and Christopher (rory’s dad) who has a new girlfriend.

Besides al these bizarre events Rory is presented into society in a debutante ball. Sookie gets married to Jackson. Lorelai organizes away in the Inn, but has plans to start her own Inn with Sookie. Paris neurotically as ever shakes up Rory’s school life as she is supposed to. Then there is the Chilton fund-raising fashion show where Lorelai and here mother participate in. this is not the only bounding these two women try to do. Don’t forget the annual Stars Hollow Picnic Basket Auction.

You think this review is hectic? Read my conclusion.

Sound and Vision:
Both the sound and visuals of this second season of The Gilmore Girls are a bit better than that of the first season but still there are some minor issues on the overall image quality.

Sadie, Sadie,.. (additional scene)
I Can’t Get Started (additional scene)
Film by Kirk (related to the film festival episode)
International Success (director and others discussing about how the series are being dubbed into other languages.)
Who Wants To Argue (Compilation of several Arguments from the serie)
There’s The Rub (additional scene)
Presenting Lolerai Gilmore (additional scene)

I just love the Gilmore girls with their witty conversations, which can sometimes be puzzling. There is definitely a red line in this series, but sometimes it’s, like I said before, a little hectic. Maybe that’s why I adore this series.

You think that nothing much can happen when you put a sweet mom, a righteous daughter and a dull city together bBut they manage to sustain a level of interest all the time. Like I said, the lively conversation, but also how the events are brought to our attention and the feel of reality. (Which sometimes by the way scares me; Americans are completely different from Europeans) In season one there were a few monotonous moments but season 2 makes abundantly up for it. I can really recommend this series to every series-lover who can handle lack of action, explosions and fast cars.

The filming is superb, they know how to handle their camera and when what angle to take.

Our Score:

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