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Gilmore Girls Season 4, The

Rory’s first year at Yale. She thinks the full college experience is studying hard and fortunately there are Lorelai and Paris who motivate her to party. She misses life in Stars Hollow and everybody thinks she needs a boyfriend. Lorelai is working real hard to get the Inn open in time. With help from Sookie, Michel and Luke(!!) it looks like everything is going just fine. Richards firm is going quite well, but after a merge and a lawsuit he decides to go back to his former employee. Can his marriage with Emily survive all this stress? Lane comes forward with her preferences to her mum, this result in her leaving the house and living together with two boys. Luke is in the middle of a divorce, and realises there is someone else he likes.

Sound and Vision:
The image and sound are equal to those of the previous versions which means that sometimes the image is a bit too soft and contains a bit of grain now and then.

The stereo soundtrack does its job but nothing more.

– Additional Scenes
– Documentary

It’s amazing to see that all actors really grow in their roles. Everybody is a year older and acting like that. Rory is getting less and less that sweet little girl from Stars Hollow, but more an insecure lady struggling through puberty. Lorelai is just great as ever. Most of the best proclamations are hers. In the recurring cast there are also minor changes, Kirk is no longer single and Taylor tries a hairpiece to look younger. This of course gets added with some witty conversations and practical jokes. Can’t say this season is better than the other ones, it’s just very good. I think you must see the other seasons in order to like this one, I can really recommend this series as a whole. Technically, the 4th season doesn’t really differ from the previous ones. The extras that are present aren’t worth much.

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