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Gilmore Girls Season 5, The

The fifth season of The Gilmore Girls goes on with the trend that has been set over the past couple of years. Witty discussions, lots of good things happening and also some bad things of course to keep everything interesting to watch. Lorelai and Luke are finally starting a romance, Rory is getting overwhelmed with romances this season, and Emily and Richard are terminating their romance. But that’s of course only in the beginning of the season which has a lot of… romance in the air.

Sound and Vision:
We’ve already had 4 seasons with reasonably good image quality and also this fifth one doesn’t disappoint. However, a TV series with standard 1.33:1 image can hardly disappoint unless it’s filled with compression errors which are luckily not present too much.

We get again a 2.0 soundtrack that does its job exactly as it’s supposed to. Nothing special to be heard, but nothing bad either.

– The 7th episode, “You jump, I jump”, gets an audio commentary track by Amy Sherman and Daniel Palladino.
– The Gilmore Girls turn 100: members of the cast talk about the series and the 100th episode of the show.
– Behind the Scenes of the 100th Episode: Sookie guides you around a part of the set
– Who wants to talk Gilmore: compilation of the most typical Gilmore fragments of the season

This fifth season of The Gilmore Girls continues the lines laid out in the previous ones with good drama that is fun entertainment and interesting enough to keep watching, decent image and sound quality, and a couple of extras that might interest the fans. Overall, Warner delivers a fine package that doesn’t stand out very much but does its job effectively. Just like the series itself.

Our Score:

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