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In an agreement between Italy and the US, Matt Benson (Harvey Keitel), an FBI agent, is sent to a Sicilian island to solve a case he’s working on. He gets a great house with view on the active vulcano Ginostra and both his wife and daughter decide to follow him. To continue his investigation of a Sicilian mobster, he has to interrogate the young Ettore Greco who’s lost his parents after an attack by the mafia. While his investigation comes closer to the leader of the mafia, Matt finds out that not all is as it seems in Sicily and that the lives of himself, his family and little Ettore are getting in danger aswell.

Sound and Vision:
Ginostra has reasonably good image quality. Compression errors are absent and the colors are bright while contrast is good. Also shadow depth is decent and there’s no edge enhancement.

The soundtrack is nothing spectacular but as there’s less action and more psychological tention going on, the dialogues are more important and these are nicely positioned at the center speaker.


From time to time you can see Harvey Keitel in an all but average film and that can be positive or negative. In Ginostra it’s quite hard to tell. On one hand the idea behind the movie is quite original but the whole setting and certain scenes are rather unrealistic and hard to believe. Not your everyday cup of tea and I would certainly urge anyone who’s interested in this film to first rent it before buying

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