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Glengarry Glen Ross

John Williamson (Kevin Spacey) runs a real estate agency but things aren’t going too great. Most of the salesmen aren’t performing as they should. One rainy night, a meeting is held and a speaker from the head office, Blake (Baldwin), will come to bring in a bunch of Glengarry Glen Ross leads which are told be “gold” as they should bring in lots of money. The meeting goes a bit different than the sales people had thought however, as Blake tells them that there is no longer room for losers. He who sells the most the coming week will not only get a Cadillac Eldorado as bonus but also the Glengarry leads. Second price is a set of kitchen knives and the third price is the sack. Immediately after the meeting, tension rises and talks about robbing the office for the Glengarry leads start floating around.

Sound and Vision:
Glengarry Glen Ross is a movie from 1992 and it shows. The colors are a bit flat in certain scenes and from time to time some grain lowers the level of detail. Still, overall things aren’t too bad.

The soundtrack doesn’t really do much with the dolby surround system as the movie is dialogue-driven. The surround speakers do add to the atmosphere, giving some subtle sounds from the surroundings. Dialogues are at all times very understandable

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Glengarry Glen Ross looks like a movie made in another time. The pace is very slow, subjects jump from one to another, there doesn’t seem to be a really strict line that is followed, but still it works… The atmosphere is beautifully portrayed, the acting is magnificent and it isn’t without reason that Al Pacino got an Oscar nomination. Great stuff that you don’t get to see much anymore these days. Too bad there aren’t any decent extras added on the disc

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