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Go! Sudoku

Evaluating Go! Sudoku isn’t really a matter of long breath. The game for the PSP is nothing more than a variant we (or at least some of us) know from the pen&paper game. The idea is to fill nine squares with numbers ranging from 1 to 9. The difficulty being that you can only use each number once in each row, each column and that each square can only hold each different number only once.

I don’t need to explain much about the gameplay, not even for those that have never heard of the Sudoku. It’s a puzzle game and that’s it. With 1000 variations to do in various difficulty degrees you’ll have no less time to spend on it than any other PSP game. On top of that the loading times are a major positive point 🙂

The difference with the paper version is that you can now bet on whether or not a number is correct, after which you can immediately check whether you were right, and if not where the problem is. Beware: by gambling wrong a full minute is added to your time making it very hard to get your target time or break records. You’ll only be saved here by thinking logically and keeping up the possibilities. I don’t need to say that lightning fast reaction speeds are of lesser concern.

The game is without a doubt very addictive and thanks to its pick-up-and-play level you can start it up for a couple of minutes whenever you want for some relaxation. Also your dad or grandma might even be attracted to your PSP due to this. The controls are so simple that also they won’t have any problems with it.

What you might enjoy less is the fact that everything looks quite dusty. It may be a puzzle game but Lumines or Bejeweled have shown that quiet or enervating music, beautiful images, nice effects and such can most certainly give added value to such a game. And this is where Go! Sudoku falls short. The sound is acceptable but nothing more, and the backgrounds don’t really excell in appealing either. Even the graphics of the puzzles could in my opinion by freshened up a bit. Not that it’s ugly or too static, but it just feels oldfashioned.

There’s little more to say except for the fact that additional downloadable levels are promised for the future. Hopefully the makers will think of additional skins as well! Multiplayer on one PSP or through Wi-Fi are also possible.

In the end there’s little to say about Go! Sudoku. The graphics aren’t refreshing and the controls could be a bit faster, but lovers of this type of brainpuzzles won’t mind that. If you like puzzles or Sudoku, you won’t be going wrong with this title. If you’re not a fanatic, the slow pace and the rather modest sound and image may scare you away.

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