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God of War II: Divine Retribution

God of War II is a lot. It’s the sequel of the second (if not) best action game on the PS2. It’s one of the last big releases on PS2. It’s one of the most bloody and furious games currently on the market. It’s a long expected and looked forward to return with Kratos, the man who got divine but was banished to a mortal existence due to his urge for violence, war and anger. It’s again, dear friends of Greec mythology, an unstoppable topgame.

This sequel continues where God of War ended: Kratos is on Mount Olympus, nipping from divine drinks and enjoying neverending rows of hot busty blondes and passionate brunettes blessed with tight asses (at least, that’s how I imagine walhalla). Still this can’t temper his nature and he continues 300-like leading his Spartan armies from one victory to the other. The other gods can’t really laugh with that (their worshippers die by the bushes) and Athena quite brutally throws him off the mountain. What follows is a true odyssee to the tempel that can change his destiny, filled with adventures and fights from which Hercules and Odysseus himself can learn a thing or two.

A tasty story (with after about five hours a somewhat disappointing ending) that mostly serves to put you on a path that’s literally filled with opponents that are eager to die by your massive hands. Think especially of things you remember from your Greec lessons: Cyclops, the good old zombies, flying friend Icarus and of course historical majors like Zeus. What also hasn’t changed is the rock hard way you get to kill all that.

Veterans of the series will immediately feel at home with the many combos and accessible gameplay. No more depth is put in the engine, so no Ninja Gaiden here, but you won’t always come out of a fight unharmed if you don’t go at it a bit more tactical now and then. Also the extremely brutal mini-games to get rid of the bigger opponents are back, now with more blood, blood, blood and… blood!

Those that like some violence in their games will certainly thing their thing as the game just goes a small step further there. I almost don’t dare to admit it but now and then I couldn’t repress a demonic laugh with so much over the top entertainment. Variation comes in the form of new weapons, which I personally hardly ever used because the blades are so cool and strong, and new magical spells.

The most fun addition are without a doubt the sequences where you start flying and fight on the back of some winged creatures. You can also fly yourself a bit by the new possibility to take your blades at certain points and rocking them hence and forth. A similar mechanism we know from Tomb Raider: Legend.

Kratis doesn’t only have to work with his muscles and adrenaline though, as now and then there are also puzzles to be solved. The typical open-the-door-with-a-lever stuff is present, but fortunately there are also larger missions that go a little further and appeal to your braincells. Luckily for the action freaks amongst you also during these parts there’s enough crushing of bodyparts that you won’t be bored by this.

The first God of War looked as tight and sexy as a Vestal virgin (I really need to check out 300) and the sequel continues on that road. Also here the adagio “bigger, higher, further” rules and you can expect beautifully designed levels, impressive sights and inspired opponents. The latter also have beautiful animations and sharp textures by the way.

On top of that you constantly get the feeling you’re in a world that’s many times bigger, angrier and stonger than you yourself and something that shines thanks to its absense is the camera problem. Although you can’t control it every scene is shown without any flaws which results in smooth gameplay and an unequalled cinematic effect. The fact that you get to see everything in widescreen this time is the cherry on the pie.

Of equally high level is the soundtrack that again uses orchestral songs, including orchestra and song parts that fit the hard action. The voice of Kratos is as tough as we remember and the sexy storyteller can always give me a ring on my mobile for some less public conversations.

God of War II is in the end nothing more than the original quadrupled. More action more violence, better levels, a better balance between puzzles and fighting and due to that in the end a more balanced but not less brutal experience that will keep you at the tip of your seat. We can’t wait to play the subtly hidden titties and bloody fights in HD with God of War 3

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