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Gods & Generals

Gods & Generals brings us to the very beginning of the American civil war where we meet up with several characters and how they have to choose between their state or their country and follows them up until the battle of Gettysburg which has also been filmed by director Ronal Maxwell.

Personally, I found Gods & Generals to be the most boring movie I’ve seen in a long time. The pace is extremely slow, the dialogues are flat, the monologues are plain stupid, and the only thing that keeps hanging around is the fact that several people in the US still haven’t changed since the time of the Civil War: “May God stand by us !” In fact, the main point of the movie seems to be how religious the Americans are as all the time you’ll see generals asking God for assistance in their battles and to be honest: you don’t make an interesting film by asking your cast to keep crying out to God…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is pretty good with lots of detail, no compression errors or edge enhancement, good color depth and the only thing we can say is that the contrast lacks a bit. It’s hard to spot the difference between North & South from time to time…

The soundtrack is pretty dynamic with good use of the surround channels while also the subwoofer gets its part of the action in the battles.

The dvd is on one disc but contains two sides and halfway the movie you’ll suddenly be thrown into the “Special Features” menu without any warning.

Side one starts off with an audio commentary track and an introduction by Ted Turner (so you better check this out before starting to watch the movie). Side two contains a couple of documentaries about the authenticity of the movie, a historical overview and some background info on one of the characters. Next up are two videoclips and for the rest we get some weblinks.

The movie is about 210 minutes long, interrumpted rather stupidly by the “Special Features Menu” halfway. If you manage to watch the movie completely, you might want to check out the extras if you’re interested in some more background info on the US civil war, but for the rest I wouldn’t recommend this at all

Our Score:

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