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Paul (Greg Kinnear) and Jessie Duncan (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) are happy with their life and their son Adam. However, their lives are turned upside down when Adam dies in a car accident just after his 8th birthday. Right after the funeral, they are approached by Dr. Richard Wells (De Niro) who tells them that if they agree within 72 hours, he can bring Adam back. Not the actual Adam, but a perfect clone. Although Paul isn’t too fond of the idea (and is very aware that it’s illegal) he agrees with the procedure as he sees his wife is torn by pain and this might get her happy again. This decision does imply that they have to move and break all bonds with anyone who ever knew Adam as people would figure out what has been done too easily, but Wells has the perfect solution: he relocates them near the center he works and gets Paul a job in the local school.

Things go exactly as planned and when Adam is born again, the life of the family is going great again. However, when Adam turns 8, he starts having weird nightmares and although Wells continues to say that there’s nothing wrong, Paul doesn’t really believe him. When he starts investigating what may be happening, he finds an awful truth…

Sound and Vision:
The movie is in its original format and has very good image quality with lots of detail. Everything looks sharp, there are no compression errors and the contrast is fine. There’s some minor edge enhancement and some grain present but nothing that really bothers while watching.

We checked out the DTS track and although there’s no so much action present, the track is very dynamic and gives a lot of punch when necessary. The emphasis is mostly towards the front but the surround speakers do bring forth a more spatial sound while the subwoofer nicely supports the whole with a decent amount of bass.

None except some trailers from upcoming products from Dutch Filmworks

Godsend takes on the interesting subject of human cloning and the moral problems that come with it. In the beginning it does this very well, but towards the end, the movie starts to deteriorate towards a rather standard thriller that doesn’t exactly deliver anything new. The last 10 minutes even feel like the director didn’t have any inspiration anymore and had some time to fill up so he did it with a scene that doesn’t really mean anything. A real pitty seeing that there was more that could have been done with the material at hand and especially seeing that the cast really do a great job.

In the end, Godsend is a decent thriller but nothing special. Definately something you may want to check out on a Saturday evening when you’ve got nothing else to do, but most certainly not a movie you’ll remember for a long time

Our Score:

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