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A huge Monster arrives in New York and starts creating a huge mess. That’s the whole story behind Godzilla, a monster movie where visual effects are more important than a decent storyline.

Luckily for us, the film is entertaining, the acting from Matthew Broderick and Jean Reno is good, and the effects are both qua sound and vision more than average.

Sound and Vision:
Except for the fact that the contrast could have been a bit better, the image quality is good. The real feast starts, however, when you turn up the volume of your dolby digital system. The sound is superb with good use of all different channels and the really pounding subwoofer when Godzilla walks around crashing New York. Excellent !

A music video, audio commentary from the makers, picture gallery (with before and after scenes) and a 5 minutes featurette which more resembles a commercial. Nothing special.

Godzilla is a fun movie for people looking for easy entertainment. Nobody pretends this to be a top-class movie but it’s definitely worth viewing, if only to test your sound system

Our Score:

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