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GoldenEye 007: Reloaded

James ‘007’ Bond doesn’t only show his popular face on the big screen, the last couple of years he also regularly appears in videogames. However, unfortunately he doesn’t always convince. About a year ago James Bond: Blood Stone appeared in stores to just remain there due to being not good enough. Interested in knowing whether this new remake of the Nintendo64 classic does better? Read on!

New times, new heroes. That’s what they must have thought at Eurocom Entertainment and Activision when they ditched Pierce Brosnan and exchanged him for current Bond actor Daniel Craig. Not that it makes much of a difference as the game is still a first person shooter and you follow Bond’s footsteps through his own eyes. Only sporadically you see Craig from a different view.

Last year Goldeneye already got a remake on the Wii and now we get some pumped up graphics and additional modes of that version for the PS3 and X360. Just to make sure that it isn’t a complete clone. The singleplayer campaign puts you in an almost completely reworked storyline (with now and then a hint at the original story, so no need for the nostalgics amongst us to panic just yet), but unfortunately the devs forgot to order some brain cells for the AI. At some times the difference with a braindead goldfish looks to become really really really small. Luckily for the gaming fun the bad guys do have their moments of clarity, making it still a bit of a challenge to take them down. Also the twists the makers added to the story make for some extra – and very welcome – tension. The true die-hards can choose the highest difficulty level and that will keep them from automatically recovering from their wounds so that there’s a challenge after all. If only the additional legwork to find extra protection.

The MI6-mode gives the singleplayer experience a bit more lifespan and color to a for the rest surprisingly toned down game. It also gives you specific assignments in missions whereby the focus changes between attack, defense or stealth. The downpoint of this mode is that the hostile AI’s intelligence becomes even worse than in the singleplayer campaign.

All this makes that GoldenEye 007: Reloaded leaves you a bit hungry when playing alone. “Can a decent multiplayer make up for that?” is the logical question that remains. Luckily the answer to that is mildly positive.

The multiplayer gives you an extensive arsenal of modes which you can play locally as well as over the internet, and this both alone as well as in team. There’s the escalation mode, in which you get a new weapon for each kill and the first one to kill someone with an RPG is the winner, the Golden Gun-mode in which the golden gun is good for a one-shot-kill, or you can just start up a classic (team) Deathmatch. In short: something for everyone.

A beautiful and extensive collection of locations, going from incredibly small rooms to areas covering several football stadium, deliver some variation during the shooting, but that doesn’t mean the game manages to score high on graphics. On the contrary even, your console has absolutely no issues with the load and also the looks and voicing of your enemies starts to feel already repetitive after only a few encounters. Ok, it all looks slightly better than on the Wii, but “slightly better” isn’t convincing enough here.

GoldenEye 007: Reloaded again tries to put the world famous British spy on the game map but unfortunately it ended in an attempt that falls short. The game has its good moments but overall it doesn’t succeed in convincing you things couldn’t be better in just about any area.

Not aligned enough with older titles to appeal on nostalgic feelings and not good enough to compete with the big boys in the FPS genre. Luckily the multiplayer manages to make up a bit and deliver a bit of fun after all.

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